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Oral Fixation and Pacifiers


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Hi everyone, 

If you use them, what about pacifiers interests you? What about them excites you? 

As a newish Daddy / CG looking for his title to call his own, the thought of giving them a pacifier after a long adulting work day warms my heart knowing that they are being heard, be observed and being cared for in comfort and in care. 

Share your thoughts below!


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I can go either way with pacifiers but my Daddy absolutely loves popping one into my mouth for story time or during cuddles.

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I love pacifiers!

SOME reasons I love my Binkies (there are probably more):

1. They are super cute. Who doesn't like feeling cute???

2. Self-soothing/ anxiety management - I am absolutely riddled with anxiety 😅pacis help but are not at all a cure, they just fill the same need that comforting music, hugging yourself or clicking a pen/tapping on a desk would. 

3. Oral fixations - something to have in your mouth to prevent you from putting other things in your mouth. Pacis are pretty easy to clean so I have less anxiety about germs when I pop one in while I'm gaming, rather then chewing on my shirt or a pen or something. I clean and boil my pacis religiously, lol

4. Reinforce a dynamic / Reinforce a little mindset. "Well of course you're a little one - why else would you have a paci!" "Sorry sweetie, babies can't talk. You better keep that paci in and let the adults handle things." Of course props aren't necessary to be little, but they can serve as a good tool for reinforcement. 

Bonus points if Daddy puts my paci in and doesn't let me take it out ❤️ Nothing feels better than Daddy initiating/mandating little time, being encouraged (or even 'forced') into that headspace is like.. GOALS.❤️ Pacis are an easy way for Daddy to do that and NOTHING is more validating for my headspace than Daddy treating me little when I don't have to ask for it.

5. Stops me from eating junk when I'm board 

6. Comforting during regression/littlespace - It's just nice


With all the reasons I love my paci, I don't use them as much as I would like. Sadly I have always been prone to ear infections and for some reason using a paci too often seems to have a direct link to ear aches. I also have allergies and it isn't comfortable to use a paci when I'm stuffed up :( 

When I do use my paci though I can keep it in easily a full day + night and not get board of it 🥰


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I love to use pacis the are calming and cute I even like to decorate my own to make it feel more special.

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I think Trouble hit a lot of the same points as me, but here's my two cents:

1) They're a little piece of art! I collect fashion dolls and am a very artistic person so I love collecting them and displaying them.
2) They help me from grinding my teeth. I clench my jaw often, especially when stressed or sleeping, and they help me relax. 
3) It makes me feel comforted and less anxious. 
4) It makes me feel itty bitty when my Daddy gives it to me.
5) It makes me feel extra small because "of course" I need a paci - I'm just a baby!

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I find for me, pacis are a great stimmy toy and it saves my tongue from being sucked raw lol. I also love how cute they are and I've decorated my own in the past, it was sooo much fun! When I've been given a paci or told to put one in, it always gave me a warm comfortable feeling. 

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I have always had one. Long before I found out about littles. It was my secret. I use it to help me sleep or to calm down. It literally soothes me. It's a part of me. 

It's not about cute or dynamic. It's an actual need.

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I suck my thumb. I have sucked my thumb all my life and it’s so comforting for me. 
daddy also likes me to suck a pacifier which makes me feel sooo cute, especially when I also have my stuffy to cuddle. But it’s my thumb that actually helps me relax 🤍

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