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Does anyone use the "LINE" texting app?

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Hi there!


I was wondering if anyone out there used the LINE app. It's super cool! You can decorate the app itself and use really cute stickers in your messages. You can send pictures and make calls / video calls, too!


I really want to make little friends, and I hope we could communicate via LINE when I'm running low on data. ; u;


(Sorry if I sound like I'm advertising; let me know if I need to revise the opening post!)

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From what I've experienced, KIK is the most popular form to chat as it is pretty safe and you dont have to give out and private details of yourself. 
It also has nice emoticons, if that's something you enjoy.

I'd suggest checking it out. 

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Guest ittybittylove
I love Line. It's super cute. But like Bear said, I think most people here use kik. It's kind of a regional thing. I found that most of my Japanese friends use line but everyone else uses Kik. If you like cute messaging apps though, there is also kakaotalk (but, again, not many westerners use it).
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I'd use kik but my phone is SUPER outdated and I can't even install it. (I've been putting off my app updates for months because nothing will work after I do OTL)


Bitty, is it okay if I add / PM you and we can trade LINE ID's?

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