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Little advice please


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Hi I've been into ddlg a while but never had a propper little,more than a few weeks! This time i want it to last so I want to make sure in doing everything right! I've a few questions and any tips will be greatly appreciated. By the way all my ddlg is over text with my little as we love in different countries :(


My little was very apologetic and told me she was just really in little space last night when I said I was going to sleep. What did she mean by this? Did she want tucking in or something else?


How do I know when little is trying to be punished?


What can I do that will please my little when in little space? I'd know if it was in person but by text it's so much different!

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Text is hard to understand because you don't get a good sense of emotion or context. Maybe try voice or cam call on Skype? It would help you feel a lot closer.


I've never had a long distance relationship, but some of the things I can think of would be reading bed time stories, sending her a rules list for day to day (could be chores or making sure she does certain activities), making sure you text her as soon as she's getting up or saying good night at her bed time even if your really busy, sending pictures back and forth of your day even if its kinda boring so that you feel like your a part of each other a daily routine.


Really just paying lots of attention when you can, maybe play some online games together, there's a couples app on the play store, send her colouring pages to print off and color for you then she can take a picture and show you her work.


Hope that helps for a start, I'm sure someone who's got more experience with long distance will have lots more ideas.

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As Princess P said, having a LDR strictly through text is VERY difficult. There is no emotion in texts...no change of tone...no physical "give always". Trying to figure out what someone truly means from a few words on a screen is next to impossible. Video chat will always be easier, but I understand your issues with that. DaddyJsPrincess and I started out in a LDR. As a father of three children that love to know what Daddy is doing...having the privacy for a video/voice chat can be difficult.


In your current situation, the best advice I can offer is to ask her what she means. I've said it a million times...COMMUNICATION IS VERY IMPORTANT IN ANY RELATIONSHIP...but more so in a DDLG relationship...and even more so when it is LDR.


If she makes a comment that you don't fully understand, just ask her what she meant. Have her clarify. I am sure she is having the same conversational stumble blocks you are...so, make sure that the lines of communication are wide open and you both can make sure that you understand each other fully.

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My Daddy and I have had a very strong LDR for over a year now. But we longed for each other for 12 years before this too so that really helps us appreciate what we have. With that said he too hates skype. I used to beg and pout about this. But he said "Kitten, how often do I tell you no?" And i realize he never really did. He spoils me. So I try to understand that but it does make it harder for us. He will send me a video, normally I have to ask. But because I know he hates it I don't ask too often and because he knows if I ask I really need it he almost never says no. But point is we don't skype, and yes it makes it harder but we are perfect.


Some of the things we do that has helped us is we pretty much stay in constant contact. I call and wake him up, which I love cause does this sleepy mumble thing that just melts me. And then about 30 mins later he starts texting me when he 1st starts driving I only get a few when he is at red lights) but after 30 mins of text daddy is awake enough to actually talk. So he calls me and we talk for about 20 mins, till he gets to work. We talk about dreams and my breakfast plans and how the kids were getting ready for school in the morning. It's a wonderful way to start our day. Daddy has a job that allows him to text me through out the day. We have this way of roll playing texting where you show action like this *keeps checking the time to see if it's call Daddy time yet* and it allows us to show action. For along time we lived in this fantasy world. It has always been apart of us. It really helps. We don't do it as much as we used to. Now it's for when we show cuddlely affection and less for sexy type affection. But on the nights he does call (and most that he does) he send me one last *pulls baby girl close and snuggles down* type message. (Maybe that's what she was looking for?)


The constant texting is something we both enjoy. He tells me what he is doing and I do the same. Daddy always call as soon as he gets off work and we talk while he drives home. Lots of the time we talk about the stuff we text about but in more depth. We used to have a once a week date night. We watched a movie at tge same time together. It was nice. But my Internet isn't working so we can't do that now.


We "window" shop online together by sending each other links.


Send her a care package. That's the best! Daddy suprised me with WOOT shirts that are awesome!


We just make sure that no matter what we talk. You have to make her feel like she is apart of your life. Your real life. That's important. No one wants to just feel like they are a spare time killer.


Hope this helps. Sorry for being so long.

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Oh I know! Maybe you can send her one of your pillows and a blanket! Then at bedtime you can text her a snuggle down message! (Sorry, I got excited)
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Guest Mr TwitchPool

Dark Daddy is saying exactly what i would say with regards to communication, communication is key with any relationship.


Its hard for me to understand what you are asking, no one here can tell you when your little needs punishing and to ask did she want tucking in or something? I mean, personally I feel you need to read a lot more into the DDLG lifestyle, you say you have been "into it" for some time but you also say your 18? so how old is your little?


What are your ground rules? do you even have a bed time set? as for punishing, well, unless you have what is acceptable and what isnt then how can she be punished for doing something she didnt know she couldnt do?


I dont want this to come off as harsh in anyway but you are asking questions you only learn from experience and getting to know someone inside and out.


I am still struggling to get past what you are asking, i mean, what little wouldnt want tucking in from her daddy anyway but I appreciate all relationships are different.  If all you do is text, try and open up actually speaking, skype is great and I am sure you can get wifi from your garden or can fid some time alone fro your family.


My advice would be to read up more, ask her what she needs from you, work out what you both want to achieve and if you are on the same page with it, COMMUICATE.


Thank you for posting good luck

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