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Questions about doing DDlg beside your (vanilla) relationship.


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Hi.  :D


I've been wondering if there are (m)any littles and/or daddies that do not live the lifestyle with their partner, but instead go to someone else to get/give care?


Those who do (or have), I have a few questions! Please only answer if you feel comfortable, I don't want to offend anyone, just really curious!  :)



1. What is the reason why you've decided to look for DDlg comfort elsewhere (i.e lack of interest from your SO)?


2. Is your SO aware and has (s)he agreed upon your "relationship" with a caregiver/little, or do you do this in secrecy?


3. Do you merely give care to/get care from the caregiver/little, or do you two also involve into more intimate adventures?


(4. If applicable, how does your SO respond to the possible physical aftermath (i.e crimson buttcheeks)?)



That's all. Please respect eachothers opinions/replies.  <3  ^_^




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Guest Miss Braid

Most people I have dated are monogamous and would consider having a Daddy or Little as cheating (even if it were non-sexual), so I haven't had any sort of experience with it.

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