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I'm a little with a teenager. It has its pros and cons, but that rings true for anyone becoming a parent. I would say the biggest upside is that littles tend to be more compassionate and tender. We also already love things like children's books, cartoons, and playing with toys. When you reach a point where you decide you and your Caregiver are ready to have children, you'll want to decide right away how open you want to be about your relationship dynamic with your kids. I have known couples in the BDSM community who maintain rituals and high protocols even in front of their children. I knew one couple whose wife was a slave and was to be kneeling at the front door, eyes looking down, when her Master came home from work, regardless of whether or not their children were present. When Daddy and I decided to fully embrace this lifestyle, we decided to keep it totally separate from our parenting.  I'm never in my little space when I'm interacting with my son. Sure, he sometimes sees me in my fleecy robe or coloring in one of my coloring books, and he knows I love stuffies, but I don't speak to him using my little voice and my Daddy and I don't call each other Daddy and princess in front of him.

When you say you're afraid you couldn't handle it, do you mean you feel you aren't mature or capable enough to parent a child, or are you concerned that once you have children you have to hide your little self away? 

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