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Training!! Today, as me and my Daddy discussed expectations and wants for our relationship, the topic about training came up. Not potty/leash training, although this could be applied to this, but submission training. Things like training to respond to hand signals, to do certain tasks and rituals when told/at a set time, things of that nature. After tossing ideas around we decided to ask more experienced people, like yourselves! So:

+Have you ever trained someone/Or been trained? If so, was the experience fulfilling?

+What are some techniques you used to train your submissive/little?

+Was the training mostly targeted to sub space or little space? Was it just a overall thing?

+What are things you've trained/have been trained to do?

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Guest MyDaddyMyWorld

I hate the idea of training in such a uniform, regulated fashion. I had no experience before meeting my daddy, whereas he did have.

He didn't say anything about training me, but has guided and led me over time as a natural part of our relationship.

I have never submitted to anyone before, but it just is who I am.

I don't need training to do as I'm told for example, it's natural to want to do as I'm told.

It's simple, if he asks or tells me to do something, I do it.

I see myself as being taught and shown along the way in this beautiful journey, but as a mutual, loving, organic process.

Not saying anything is right or wrong, but to me personally I find that whole thing very difficult to understand. Again, that's just me. We all go our own way.

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I've been trained a tiny bit as a submissive by a former Sir... And to be honest, everything is circumstantial. There is no "one twue way" and anyone pushing one way only should be listened to with a grain of salt. With that out of the way... It is all give and take from what I've seen. The Dom has expectations and the submissive does their best to complete these expectations in order to please the Dominate. Some expectations could be cleaning of toys, the wearing or not wearing of certain clothes at certain times, exercising, sending check in texts at reasonable times, testing your limits (sexually or vanilla) and other things. Any tasks that aren't completed are met with predetermined consequences. Consequences such as spankings, withholding of items or actions like sex (but never withholding of affection), writing lines, and many more things. Like I said though... every relationship needs different things to function. So it really all depends on how you and your partner want to proceed. Always communicate with your partner though on what is and isn't working for you. And negotiate if you feel like tasks are unfair. Submissives hold just as much power as Dominates. I'm no authority on D/s relationships but I hope that gives you a good place to start.

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Start with TLC for the little... observe both your mental, spiritual, physical & emotional strengths & weaknesses, then address desirable & undesirable behaviors & go from there. Be open & patient listener...

Submission is about trust, at this point hope you trust each other enough to be where you are & continue to develop deeper trust, not just emotionally, but mentally. Always be mindful of the strengths & weaknesses... past histories & limitations of you both.

For rituals, practice, practice, practice... until ritualized.

The rest is up to your imaginations.

Learning sign language or a (rare) foreign language would be fun & interesting for communications :)

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