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How to explain middle/little space to friends

twifox the genderfluid fox

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I'm hoping this is the right place to post this and that I didn't miss anything or make a repeat thread. But I'm in a bit of a bind and was hoping for some help.


So, I was talking with a friend who knows about my spaces - I'm just going to refer to my friend as V. Now V knows about my spaces as one time, Cub (one of my spaces) came out, and V met Cub. But a few days ago, Cub came out again and was talking to V. Unfortunately, one of my other friends (who i will refer to as K) saw the convo, and is now wondering what is going on.


K knows that something is up, and is wanting to know what's going on. I trust both K and V, but the problem is that I have to explain to K about Cub and Kit (which are my spaces).


Although I know how to explain this, for example, I know I should tell what I can calmly and try and explain not only the why of things but also how it makes me feel and then answer any questions.


But I don't know what to actually say. I cant think of what to say. Can anyone help me? I really need somerp'dvice. Does anyone have anything they can share advice or ways they told someone about their spaces or anything that can help me find the right words to say?


Also, I'm sorry if this is a repeat post. I did look with the search function before writing this.

edit: so i probly didnt explain well, both k and v r ppl i talk and rp with neither know about my spaces v met cub and isnt sure wat going on as i havent rp'd before in the way cub acts . k saw the convo where cub came out and talked to v. the know something is up because I've never rpd in the way cub acts or talks but since I've never let anything he use my account in the chat app I use they know something is up cuz. never let others use my account AMD they do not think cub is part of me. so they are concerns n wanting to know what's going on. but I don't know what to say to them

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Guest littlemissragamuffin
Well if you really want them to know. You said they know somethings up and want to know, so they've been asking. So be, hey this is what I like, it's just how I am. You're childish because that's just who you are. They are your friends, you know how to talk to them, how to handle them. Now just own up to your true self and don't be shamed of yourself
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Guest Daddy's☆treasure

Firstly I don't speak from experience here, sorry. I haven't had to tell anybody yet. Perhaps you could start off by asking if your friend knows of DD/lg and what it means/entails? If they do, then it enables you to take a more relaxed approach in telling them about this side of you. If they don't, then try to explain it in the best way you can and then tell them what it means for you personally to be a part of this lifestyle. As you said, I'm sure they will have questions and encouraging them to ask or at least being prepared to answer some might make the conversation go more smoothly.


All the best! :)

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