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Nervous about LDR


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So I met her a week ago and we've been chatting for about a week. I really enjoy talking to her, It what I look forward to the most when i wake up and second of what i look forward to when getting off work, (the first obviously, getting off work) We share much of the same hobbies and just the other night had out first skype session. after which I asked like what she ultimately wants out of this. to which she said a serious relationship, I said "okay me too." and it's true but im still kinda nervous, for one im  a student and when i go back to campus i will be in a dorm with a roommate, and I'm the type of person that wouldnt want to skype unless I know for a fact that I will have privacy for like 2+ hours, so Im worried that I wont have the time or privacy that she needs and deserves. I'm also kinda worried about the LDR in general because last time i had an LDR it ended with my partner completely dissapearing without even a good-bye, stopped returning my texts ,my email, etc. I know its not fair to hold her to what my ex did but Im still kinda worried about it happening again. And I know that there's like cloudpets and Lovense, and the LDR pillow for intimacy and closeness but I dunno really. I dont even really know what it is im worried about, but I just am, and I guess I'm asking for advice or someone to talk to about this, or some LDR success stories (which I know is already an established thread here on the forums).


So yeah.. Thanks for reading



Ps. I am a Daddy/Care Giver

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My honest opinion on this situation is that a week is a very short space of time to get to know a person. LDR's can be extremely challenging due to the distance - relationships can be put under a lot of strain. To prevent this, a strong foundation of friendship must be formed. Friendship comes before relationship. 


This topic may be of interest to you: https://www.ddlgforum.com/topic/4185-building-relationships/


I wish you the very best of luck! ^_^ 

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I agree, a week is nothing you don't know about this girl beyond you have things in common -shrugs- honestly you have things in common with a lot of people what about this girl makes her stand out to you in that regard?


I fully agree I am in a 3 year LDR and a sucessful one all things considered this isn't something you jump into after one week or ten days while me at 22 did that and it worked out it wasn't with out struggle. my relationship is one of struggle make no mistake there is nothing out right glamourus about LDR its not something you chose on a whim.

Mental illness, late night sobbing skype sessions, self hate, depression, phone calls with shaking voices and tears, going to bed crying and questioning the relationship, doubt, lost jobs, gained jobs, lost jobs again, hospital issues, missed connection flights,

a LDR is about chosing her/him over and over and over and over again despite all that.


Right now all you know is you have some hobbies in common

learn about this girl, learn every little thing, make time for her, set a time for her.

A LDR is about coummincation and trust 99% more so then a normal face to face relationship

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I met my Daddy in 2011. We were good friends for 2 years before we realized there was more going on. Sadly he lives hours away from me in another state. We've been in a LDR for about 3 years. LDRs are rough sometimes, the missing face to face time, the missing physical presence and absence during day to day things. But with creativity there are ways to help that. We have come up with several things that work for us, some of which are tailored to this lifestyle.


Giving it some more time might be beneficial to you both. One week is a short time period to determine if you want to get into a serious relationship with distance involved. Especially if you don't know what you're concerned about. Take some time and enjoy the friendship, see where it goes.


On a side note, I understand being nervous after a bad experience with an ex, not everyone's the same though. Best wishes!



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