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custom board books?

little paper stars

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While at work the other day I had a really fun idea -- wouldn't it be cute to make a personalized board book?


Like maybe it's a gift for your little and you want something to commemorate a birthday or playdate or something special, so the board book would have pictures reliving the event.


Or maybe just simple good-vibe things like cuddling and eating together or just enjoying each other's company?


I thought about hand-drawing, but cutting the images out of colored paper sounds a lot more fun and cute. I don't have any reference photos since it was just a sudden idea I had, but I really liked the idea and wondered if anybody would potentially want one?


Or, if anything, how much would you want to pay, shipping included?

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Before you think of selling and price you need to make one up first so we see how it looks and if we'd be willing to pay for the quility

right now you just gave a great idea :D and I like the sound of it but we'd need to see first ideas and outcomes sometimes don't work out

make a few then ask if we'd want one

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Right, that makes sense. I'm jumping ahead of myself. However, it'd be a while before I could consider making them since I'm in the process of moving.
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