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CG/l, but you're around vanillas? No problem!

twifox the genderfluid fox

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Are you a little, a caregiver(referred to as cg from now on), or a switch? Have you ever wanted to talk to your little or cg or switch, but for some reason you couldn't speak/text/instant message/email or contact them and speak plainly due to vanilla people being around to hear or see what you say (For example, people who don't know about the caregiver/little dynamic)?

Well this thread is for people to share ways they can talk to their significant other, when people not in the know, can hear or see what you're saying!

For example if you and your significant other, are switches, and you cant ask if they are feeling like a little or a cg/big, then you can ask them this : is it a big day or a little day to day?

That question says what you want but in a sort of coded way that keeps vanillia people from knowing what your saying!

You might be asking yourself: why would twifox make this post what use is this to me?

The answer is simple. For long distance relationships its not always safe to txt cgl related things. for example the mommy is in a car with people who dont know about cgl. the mommy gets a txt from her little, the person sitting next to the mommy can easily see the txt, but sence its a cgl relationship, when the person sitting next to the mommy sees the txt they freek out. Or say a little sends a picture of thier face with some sort of txt where they call their caregiver the title that the little and the cg agreed on. If someone sees it andn freaks becuase the picture obviously is someone over 18 and obviously isn't related to the cg, and the little calls their cg mommy, of course someones going to get creeped out by that if they dont know about cgl. 

Its times like that you need ways to get those types of messages to your cg or little without people who could see the conversation knowing whats actualy being said. Thats where this thread comes in. Here we can all share ways we talk with our little/cg when others can hear or see what we say, or share ways we think would work to talk to our cg or little without causing a scene. 

feel free to share any ideas you all have for keeping cgl conversations private

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I suppose asking "Are you free to talk?" would be a good way to way to ask if the cg/l is in a safe area to receive messages, pictures, etc. Or if you've sent an email you could title it "For your eyes only" and then the receiver knows to view it in private.

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