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 Hello, everyone. As some of you might know, I like to write erotic fiction in my spare time. Lately, I've been wanting to put more energy into my writing and working towards polishing my style. However, for the last few months I've been in a kind of creative slump. I have ideas, but when I sit down to actually write, I often run out of steam. I feel like I need to approach it from a different angle and get a good shot in the arm to get my creative gears turning again.


 So, I decided to come here and ask if anyone would like to request a short story. I've written for others before, and it seems to help keep those gears turning when there is another source of motivation for me to get the words put to paper, figuratively speaking. Here's what I'm looking for. I need a basic description of characters, their names and pet names, a basic idea of what setting and activities involved, and a general description of the overall mood.


 As I said, my main genre of writing is erotica, and I'm not at all squeamish about most types of play when I write. So, feel free to go nuts with whatever it is you would like to see your characters doing together if you decide you'd like to make a request. This is purely a writing exercise for me, and once the story is complete, it will be yours to do with as you like. I will not publish the work to any other site without your permission. I will be accepting requests either here on the thread, or if you'd prefer a bit more privacy, feel free to drop me a PM. I will be selecting one request to start, and if it helps me get writing steadily again, I may accept a few more in the future.


 Thanks, and I hope to hear from you all soon. :)


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I'm still open for requests. Princess Diana, I could give that a go sometime. I do want to expand my writings on DD/lg, as I only have two stories in that dynamic so far. I'll keep the door open for everyone for next week to see who comes up with what, and then I'll pick one and get started :)

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