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missing that chance


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The moments in time when there's that one person you cant help no matter how much you want to. You always have to hide your feelings for what they are and just watch as time drifts by. Never letting go of whats truly in your heart but never being allowed to give in.
Sitting in time. Watching lives go by. Wanting to be involved but never stepping into the light, never wavering. Time after time, watching as the chances go by. Never trying so that you don't get hurt and ruin things.
Each new star in the sky seemingly counting each time one slips by. Your insides quaking trembling every time you want to be there. Be in their arms, for them to be in yours.
Never showing tears, holding those moments with you. always wondering what could have been. What you could have shown them. Shown them true love. Shown them the passion hiding inside your very soul.
But all in all shown them how big of a piece they are in your soul. shown them how much they matter to you. But never getting the chance.

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