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Questions about being in little space


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I've only been in the ddlg community for the past year and I am relatively new to understanding what it's like to be in little space. I'm forced into a regular mindset most of the time because I live with people who would not understand but I feel at times that I slip easily into little space though I am not sure. I know for a fact that I do when I am sick. I also think I do when i am with my bf. We are not in big/little relationship (I've never even brought it up) but he acts very much like I imagine a DD would. Whenever He baby talks to me (which is often) I can't help but feel giddy and start talking like a little girl. I feel completely safe around him as he continuously reminds me that I'm his princess and he's going to protect and take care of me. He even makes me Mac n' cheese, let's me cuddle his favorite blankie, and watches my little pony with me. However, things aren't all fun and games. He does inforce rules and boundaries for me and I feel devastated when I break a rule or disappoint him. I feel ultra sensitive. Is this what little space feels like? What personally does it feel like for any of you?
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