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what is ddlg?

vanilla flavor

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i know the topic title is a little blunt, but let me give context.


i know what ddlg is, and consists of. i have friends who have had beautiful ddlg relationships and hav had fun participating in the community. 


i've never been apart of it. and honestly calling my partner daddy has always been somthing that made my skin crawl-- until my boyfriend asked me to do it, only a couple days ago. i love him, more than anything. he's my first **real** relationship, and we've been intimat before and our relationship has been healthy sexually (even if we still haven't had biblical sex, considering i've never popped my cherry or held that level of intimacy period.) 


he's always been kinky, ever since we started dating. he's very into bdsm but, again, here's the problem. 


our relationship naturally took these roles of submission and dominance and the talking about it came afterwards, but he still doesn't know shit about bdsm and ddlg-- even if for a long time we've done these patterns naturally, like him being bossy or him calling me and treating me like a little girl. the point is, even if i'm vanilla as all hell (and, i am into roughness, but never been into this sort of commitment) i've read about bdsm and ddlg from good blogs and resources cause i knew this was what our relationship was becoming and wanted both of us to interact healthy and happy. 


last night after a phone conversation (that was hot and heavy, with me calling him daddy too add fuel to the fire) he asked me if i could share some of my resources with him and after i asked if he wanted to explore a serious ddlg relationship, he wanted me to hook him up with resources. 


i have no idea how to explain ddlg to him or the roles or any of this shit.


my point is, does anyone have definitions for the relationship or roles or any helpful articles/resources? 


i've delved into resources on here but all i can find is how to get your vanilla partner into ddlg, which is not what i'm looking for. i'm looking for how to introduce an already kinky person to a structure that i think will help and they'll prefer.


god bless, and much love. xoxoxo

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i've been reading thru tons of information and i think i'm just looking for an article with a basic definition/description and som light ways to further incorporate this into our relationship. we're both into the basis of the dynamic but it's hard for me to explain, and as someon who's very vanilla and shy i get embarassed and it's hard to describe 

if anyone can give anymore help thank you


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Guest littlebitty

Well everyone makes it their own 'thing' but this is what it is to me.


DDLG Relationship- Daddy Dom and Little Girl. It is a form of kink/fetish that comes under the umbrella of BDSM. It consists of a daddy/caregiver to care, nurture protect and guide his little. For me both in life and sexually.

The little is her daddys precious gem. She is the apple of his eye, she follows daddys guidence and obeys and submits to her daddy. The little is playful, innocent and strives to be a good girl and better herself with daddies help.


Of course it is a form of role play in parts and some people do not bring the sexual side into the relationship.

I really dislike the idea any d/s relationshio has to follow a blueprint to work. I suggest you look into what turns you and your partner on and build a relationship on your Interests and values together. Dont worry if it fits the DDLG name.

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