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DDlg and The Arts

Princess Joe Joe

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So I'm a very crafty person. I have to hand make things, dream up new things to create, bedazzle things, all that jazz! So Pinterest was a very very bad choice to download...but I regret positively nothing. I also was a big speech and theatre nerd, which is always shocking to people I meet due to my quiet nature and clumsy way I often talk when nervous.


Wow that was a huge paragraph of ramblings. This is basically a simple thread for us artsy people to discuss. My favorite type of art is surrelism which is a movement explores and releases the wonders of the unconscious mind threw art and literature. In a nutshell anyways. It's so..abstract and off that I can't help but go threw picture after picture staring. I marvel at them, brooding and analyzing trying to hunt for the hidden meaning. Sometimes I find one, and other times I decide it is simply to weird to place a single theme on it.

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