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What 10 Questions would you ask a sub?


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Took this discussion topic from FetLife but interested to see what the members on this forum have to say about it. 


If you could ask 10 questions to your sub, or a sub you were meeting, what would you ask?
If you are a sub or submit, what 10 questions should a Dom be asking you?
(everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of role.)
Here are some of the questions that come to mind:
Are you subservient?
Do you like feeling inferior?
Are we attracted to each other?
Do you know your health status? (Everything)
Are you in a vanilla relationship?
Do you mind that I am in a serious vanilla relationship?
Would you be satisfied with seeing me once or twice a month?
What are your needs?
Would you mind attending a scene?
Are you confident in voicing your discomfort with something? 
Those are all the questions that come to mind initially for me....
Interested to hear the forums thoughts.   :)
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1. Limits (usually go through a list)

2. Mental/Health Issues

3. Mental View of Self

4. Past Experience (Both BDSM and Non-BDSM Related)

5. Goals (Both BDSM and Non-BDSM Related)

6. Safeword (if looking to start something)


Those are just some off the top of my head. I would be asking more questions and exploring more based on the answers I receive. I also like to write these things down if they or I am interested in starting something.

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