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First Date with Creativity


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I am not a creative person. I have little to no interests. Not much I really do for a hobby or can strike long conversations about.


I've always wanted to find joy in doing some crafts, or fun activities. I have this idea, and hopefully, It might even help me with littlespace.


I can't ever really think of much I can do for what I'm gonna call "Creative Time"

I wanted to see if you guys would help me with this! =^.^=

I plan, for at least a week, to do an activity or something creative at least once a day.


What I'm asking of anyone who wants to be a part, Is to leave me ideas! Give me lists of creative things or activities. It can be your favorite or just anything in general!

I'll chose some, and do one a night for a week, or until I'm out of suggestions. (Whichever comes first)

Try not to repeat, and feel free to include things that can be done with a Daddy! I do have one, but keep in mind we're long distance.


Thank any of you who partake in this thingy, and I welcome others to try and do this thingy too! =^.^=

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Guest Unrequited

There's always the walk in the park. Even in the winter, it can satisfy the little space because you can swing on the swing set or play in the snow. This is probably a better idea for a date too, especially if you don't feel like eating off the kids' menu.


For rainy days, yeah just do some random crafting, and with LD Daddies, you can include him as he watches. You can even learn/figure out how to knit or crochet, and you can send your Daddy little woollen trinkets and toys to help him think of you when you can't interact as well/easily.

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I actually live across the street from a park! I'll certainly put that on my list of things for the week. Maybe even tomorrow.

I live in Ohio, so its incredibly cold. I'll bundle, but it'll probably be good for me.


I can look into knitting and such, but I don't thinks its something I have the patients for

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I vote for coloring! I'm not an artist, so I don't do very well with drawing things. However, coloring is really fun and takes your mind off of your troubles.. Plus, it helps you feel creative. You can always go for crayons and crayon coloring books, or you can go for adult books and coloring pencils. Then, when you're done, you can show your significant other your handiwork!

When walking in the park, maybe listen to some music and bring a notebook and a pen with you. You can jot down thoughts in a personal journal or make a special one for things you see that spark an interest or a feeling. Maybe you'll see something funny or have a nice experience with a stranger and feel the need to write it down so you can remember it. (:


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Thank you for your lovely suggestion. For some reason coloring doesn't do much special for me. It seems like I'm just coloring and its all :/

But I might add that to the things to give a go!


I feel I might do your suggestion tomorrow, but while I'm at the library and taking a walk through downtown to lunch! I can return to the library and write it down, or maybe do it while I have my subway.


Thank you, these are nice ideas. Go ahead and keep em' coming =^.^=

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Guest Daddy's☆treasure

Make your Daddy a special card! If colouring isn't your thing you can use other creative ways to make one like cut outs and stickers and loads of glitter or something! :D


Have you tired origami? That can be heaps of fun!


Also, do you like to cook? Maybe you could bake a cake or biscuits/cookies or something and decorate them with icing, hundreds and thousands, sugar flowers and all kinds of stuff! Plus you can get a kit from the store that has the different coloured icing and it comes with a piping bag and the different shaped nozzles for different patterns.


What about accessories? You can get jewelry making kits or you could buy all kinds of cool materials and make your own handkerchiefs or bandannas or even have a go at clothes for your dolls or stuffies?


My other idea is taking pics with a camera and putting them in a book and making your own storybook!


Hope some of these are ideas you might light to try. Have fun! :)

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I wouldn't know what to make him a card for. The people I live with don't know about my lifestyle and would be against it. It sucks sometimes but I have to refrain from making Daddy personal things related to DD/lg or writing down anywhere here that I call him daddy and I'm his Princess of Destruction.


The only thing I'm able to make is origami, is flowers. That can be one of the things I do. Color and make some flowers


I cook decently often, actually. I don't really consider it something to do just to do, though.


I think I have a really old be-dazling thing that I never used. I could try that on some different items, along with maybe making afew bracelets.


Thank you bunches for your suggestions! They're all so nice and helpfuk =^.^=

Maybe later today, Daddy and I can decide which activity to do each day.

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Origami sounds like a good idea! If you like that maybe you would like paper craft as well? You could print out paper dolls and make dresses for them. Or maybe print out tutorials on how to do paper models.


Creative cooking is also an actual thing. Baking can be extremely creative but so can cold or hot cooking. I'm very much a believer that food can be art too.


When it gets warmer though you could go out and find flowers to press! That would be a fun activity.


Journaling with pretty pens, washi tape and other things would also be a fun thing to do.


Making things on Minecraft would also be a creative activity :)

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I like writing poems, so maybe you wanna try it too?

You could also do it with your Daddy - you´ll write a sentence and then he has  to find a sentence that rhymes with it.

And then the other way round.

Have fun!

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I haven't wrote poems since I was an emo kid in Middle school, actually. I don't think I would be good at that. I think I found poems alittle frustrating.

If daddy wants to, we might try it


I currently don't have a printer or internet at my home. Though, I might just cut out paper people? That might be neat.


It depends on the people I live with if I'm allowed to bake and be a goof. They can't know about my lifestyle so I kinda have a block for littlespace around them. I don't think I would enjoy it.


I dunno what washi tape is.

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