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How to get over the self consciousness


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Hello! My Daddy and I have been exploring this for over a year (and we just got married last weekend!!!). We've added more and more into our dynamic as things have come up. We are on our honeymoon and had a long talk about other things to try and I really opened up even more (I have a lot of anxiety over this stuff because in my first marriage, my ex husband was very emotionally abusive about it the one or two times I brought it up). Daddy was exceptionally receptive but I'm just having a hard time actually getting over the self conscious feelings. The 31 year old adult woman (aka society) in me is telling the little in me that it's bad.

How have others reconciled these feelings?

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I completely understand. Whilst the opinions of society have never bothered me growing up (I was more mature then most) I have gone threw something similar. I had always been childish with my significant others, and been attracted to what I thought where dominates. My first serious relationship was with a 'Dom'. I brought up the topic of DDlg with him and he accepted it at first. Then about a week later when I was playing a game with my stuffies he called me 'immature' and said 'that is weird you make me feel like a pervert' things like that. This emotionally damaged me severely. It takes a lot of work to get over emotional abuse and also just the worlds view of normal. A couple of things my papa does to help are:

-He say I am to little to do things, which is a soft nudge to allow the little side free

-He reminds me everyday how much he loves my pictures

-He let's me know what is considered Taboo in other places. For instance many people in India think modeling is against the social norm. This really puts things in perspective.

-He makes me Mac and Cheese

And things you can do or yourself:

-Say one good thing about your little everyday. Ex When I'm little I'm sweet/creative, my little is more hardworking then my big sometimes.

-Resolve any deeply seeded issues with yourself that might be blocking your receptiveness to being little


I find these things have helped, slowly but surely!

:) <3

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