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Dom becoming too busy for our ddlg dynamic


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I honestly didn't know what to title this, or if I should even make a post, but it's been something that's been hurting me recently and I really need advice.

I've been in a very rocky relationship with my Dom/caregiver. He and I have clashed very frequently and it's been very chaotic, but when it is not that way everything is fine and I feel as little and as kitten-like as can be. He is a very great caregiver and I feel super comfortable around him. We've been together for 8 months and known each other for 2 years, so we're definitely not new to each other.


Things have definitely gotten better and I think about a month ago was the rock bottom of our relationship, and from there we've only went up, but I'm afraid things are starting to go down again. He's been very absent minded and just always focused on something other than me. We are LDR (but have met) so our communication is mainly through Facebook and Facebook call. Whenever we are typing back and forth sometimes he won't respond and I'm not used to it. 


He's stopped being as sweet as he used to and now it just feels like a regular relationship, like there's no D/s dynamic like we used to have. I don't know where I went wrong, as I've been the best I can be and I always try to make his day. I'm not clingy but I do need and thrive on attention from my loved one, but I'm starting to feel like I'm wrong from needing it. 


Does anybody have any advice on what I should do? I can rarely be in head space anymore because I feel shunned and like a burden. When I ask him if things have changed or if he doesn't feel it anymore he says everything is fine and that nothing is changed. I'm just so confused and I feel like I'm losing a part of us that is very dire to our relationship. 

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Guest Pouty Kitten

I think it would help the situation if you let him know what exactly changed. Sometimes, people are oblivious to these things and they need it pointed out to them. Try to tell him that your dynamic doesn't feel the same and see how things unfold from there. I'm sure your feelings about this will concern him and hopefully he'll put in a little more effort in the relationship.

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