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Unscrupulous - Cyber Safety


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Cyber security precaution for littles from a concerned cyber security daddy. Just thought to throw it in the open...


How Kink's Largest Social-Networking Site Fails Its Users - The Atlantic http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2015/03/how-kinks-largest-social-networking-site-fails-its-users/385586/



Littles, regardless of your big or little relationship, love is unselfish & unconditional, love is pure. However, often our heart is a jealous & selfish, even with free flowing love... because of such, some people become unscrupulous when potential relationships don't turn out as they would like.


There are those that are new trying dd/lg & lacks maturity or those that pretend to be a daddy out to lure you for your attention. They can become unscrupulous like a jealous sour ex-boyfriend; when things don't go their way & because they can't just step away, they feel they are owed, entitled to something more, & would try to use information you gave intended to build trust & intimacy to hurt you or do damage to you or your reputation. Such as nude pictures, text captures among other various things. So, be warned & be careful.


Life is complicated enough in general & finding a daddy online is no less complicated for dd/lg kink. It is not without risk, but even more so for dd/lg with personal & professional reputation at risk. So tread lightly when availing your name & school, employer or other personal information. Be mindful of information that would allow others to search for you on Facebook.


Have fun on-line, but go slow as any real daddy will be more than patient. If things don't work out, people should be able to just walk away as a lesson learned, no nasty grams, no stalking, respectfully & hopefully amicably too.

Keep in mind the quote that: "If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours; if they don't they never were." - Richard Bach


Of course, please chime in with your suggestions & ideas to make it more safe for all...

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People should always remember that nothing is private on the internet. Everything you post anywhere is a representation of yourself and can be referenced back to at any point in time. But yes not sharing your name, where you live, your place of work and other things should be basic online knowledge. Everyone should know not to share these bits of information unless you 100% feel like you can trust the individual. And that trust can sometimes take years to develop. That's okay though. Getting to know someone isn't a race. Develop the friendship and then the relationship. And it shouldn't be said that only "true Daddies" will be patient but instead that any true friend that respects you would be patient and understanding. Even then when you finally have that trust but end up terminating the relationship people can still act unscrupulous and post things you've shared with them. This can happen in real life as well. You need to always tread with caution when sharing things with others. Be choosy. No one is going to fault you for being picky with your trust. If they do, well they're just butts and don't deserve your time. 

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