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Rainbow Bubble Bath!!!!!


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HIII everyone!! Guess what I found!!?   This is sooooooooo cool and i tried it last night!!!


What you will need:


-Three tablespoons of dish soap (Or organic bubble bath solution if you can find)

-70ml of water(Some tap water can not work to well because of the added chemicals so if you can find a cheap bottled water this may work better) 
- A mixer
- Liquid watercolouring ( You can use food colouring but this can be messy and leave stains so we recommend liquid watercolouring )
How to make a rainbow bubble bath for littles:
1) Using a bowl place three tablespoons of your bubble bath or dish soap and the 70ml of water. 
2) Add your liquid watercolours to the mix
3) Mix on the mixers higest setting for approx three minutes. 
4) Take out your created foam and place into your container
5) Repeat with different colours until you have your desired amount of coloured foam
6) create a normal bubble bath and then add your coloured foam on top.


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Guest cookie_crumble_princess

Ohh, This sounds so easy and looks fun. Thank you for the instructions. Can't wait, I love making mountains of dishwater suds.  Thank you <3

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Guest cookie_crumble_princess

Little me would LOVE to try this but can't (I have a shower). The idea is very cool though! Thanks for sharing!!



You can just play with it in the kitchen sink, that's what I plan to do. Wish I had kiddy cat safe dye. Then I could dye my kiddy cat with rainbow suds!

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