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Rules for Daddies/Mommies/Caregivers


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So I know there is a few threads started on what are rules from Daddy/Mommy/Caregiver for the little.... but what about rules that littles make for their Daddy/Mommy/Caregiver? I am having to re-do my basic rules for my current Daddy and I mines talk in a few days when we have 'the' talk about re-instating our relationship after a two weeks break and I am so stucks.

Also... just wondering what are some basic things you expect to receive from your Daddy/Mommy/Caregiver?

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I have expectations of my daddy and like do's and don'ts but no rules especially. I'm really interested to hear what you guys come up with though!

My do's and don'ts include things like:

- always explain punishments or what I've done wrong

- don't punish unfairly

- always love and care for me

- don't be a meanie

- do care for me and protect me

- don't keep other littles or lovers. We are exclusive and closed relationship

- do be honest with me and express needs


Things like that. Hope this helps ^-^

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Well I have to say in my opinion at least I think the phrase rules for Daddy is rather oxymoronic; whilst Daddys have responsibilities and littles have expectations which they may discuss with them when they first talk about a relationship or indeed during if things go astray and they are unhappy I cant see how a litle can try and set 'rules ' without contradicting the basic dynamic of the relationship as it smacks of topping from the bottom or "I'll be submissive as long as everything goes my way" which I personally would not tolerate. I'm perfectly happy to discuss issues with my little but being dictated to is never going to be accepted.

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Guest littlebitty

In total agreement with NottsDaddy here. I do not understand why a sub/little/middle/brat would be giving her daddy Dom rules. Yes have expectations and yes ask for things you need at the start of a relationship and revisit it when issues arise. But rules? for your dominant? It contradicts the whole point of the dynamic.

If I actually suggested that to my daddy or any of my ex doms/masters I'd be in serious trouble and I'd be asked if I even wanted to be submissive anymore. I think that is a good example of topping from the bottom and I'd be surprised if any dominant would tolerate it.

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Rules for the relationships....

Like a few of mine are...

When not able to be together in person, make time for phone calls a few times a week rather via phone or skype (we are currently LDR)
Nothing sexual with each other or others until discussed
When in full little mode all sexual speak will cease until middle or big mode have returned.

etc... Not full on rules like "Daddy will eat x meals a day".

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