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some intros and advice help,


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Hi guys, im mason. Im new to this site and im a switch. Im not so great at being a little, always felt like i was letting my cg down and sometimes I just couldn't get into little space, but then we tried role reversal and I felt a lot more comfortable.

So a few things I need to ask for advice with my little experience.

I do understand that the relationship between a cg and a little can't be rushed, even if we're both in it I know we need to talk about what we want from each other. But what I need help with if finding the right time to go into big space and actually be in like daddy mode (Oh and it's been online relationships so far) the chance I got to be the cg, I was already comfortable with her and it was kinda easy but I worry about it when or if I were to find a little. Is it appropriate to ask after we go through our want and needs and requests to say " u can start being MY little/daddy."


And please correct me if I'm wrong on anything, I've only been in 2 relationships spanning about 4 month(the secobd wasnt real and i got used by her) and I was a cg for about 3 ish days.

But yeah please let me know if anythings wrong. Thanks guys!!

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I'm really sorry you have had a rough time with this lifestyle. Why don't you have a read of our building relationships resource. It's a great place to start. It can be found here: https://www.ddlgforum.com/topic/4185-building-relationships/


I'm sure some fantastic people will be around soon to give you some more advice.

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