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How well do you know the staff at DDlg forum? Try out this mini quiz here and see!

Guest Buttons

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Guest Buttons

Mod Quiz!


Here are some random, funny and silly facts about our forum staff! See if you can match the moderator to the random fact:


Buttons Robin Tori Rosie NQR Melly Diana


PoutyKitten Glenn Chandelier


  1. ______ gives numbers their own personalities e.g 5 is a confident jock


  1. ______ has a fear of spiders after a big one jumped out at her in the shower


  1. ______ has a tattoo that says “Though she be but little, she is fierce”


  1. ______ once dyed their hair fluorescent yellow accidentally


  1. ______ has a fear of whales 


  1. ______ performs in Poetry Slam events


  1. ______ has a small army of Squishables


  1. ______ calls the doctor for us when we are sick


  1. ______ owns a ladybug onesie called their “bugsuit”


  1. ______ sends snapchats of themselves with kitty plushies on their head


Post your answers and thoughts below! We're super excited to see who you all pick! Results will be posted here soon!


Good luck! ^_^

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1.) NQR

2.) Melly

3.) Tori

4.) Robin

5.) Buttons

6.) Chandelier

7.) PoutyKitten

8.) Rosie

9.) Diana

10.) Glenn


:ph34r:  :ph34r:  :ph34r:

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