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Me and my caregiver are both new to the DD/LG lifestyle, I am a little girl, and he is a Daddy. We have been arguing a lot, and we are a long distance thing. We are both very into each other, and we make each other very happy. He has been going through a lot, and he pushes me away when I try to help him.


Are there any suggestions as to how I can help him feel better?


Sometimes I think that he gets sick of me, and wants to leave me, and although he says otherwise, it doesn't always feel that way.


I just want to know if anyone else feels like this, and if there was anything you did to help your Caregiver.


Thank you for the help!! :D:heart:

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Hi there! ^_^ I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling!


I think it would be super important for you and your partner to have a discussion as two, equal adults. Set the DDlg dynamic aside temporarily, and have an open conversation about what is bothering you both, and what you can do to resolve that. 


Best of luck! ^_^

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Guest D@ddyDom

Not all men are the same, but many do not want "help". It is a sign of weakness, or an appearance that they can't handle their own problems. This could be even more enhanced when he is suppose to be the "Dom/Daddy" in the relationship. Maybe he believes that he is suppose to be strong, serve as your caregiver, as a result he might be creating a barrier thus pushing you away.


I agree with the above post that taking a small break and communicating as adults. Express to him about how much you are concerned about his well being and you care for him deeply. Tell him that if he needs a small break that you respect it but he needs to be open about what he needs at that moment. By him expressing that to you maybe it will remove your idea that he totally wants out of the relationship.


I know that being in an LDR can make things even more complicated and sometimes it magnifies the ups and downs of a relationship. Stay strong, provide support as he needs it, and remain positive. These things maybe easier said than done; but I am sure it will all work out.


I hope that helps a bit.

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I completely understand your situation. My daddy and I went through a similar rough patch. 


My advice: always listen to your gut and protect your heart.

This doesn't mean go accusing him of things or break up with him, just be aware. Have an serious conversation with him about whats going on and how you're feeling. Hopefully he'll realize and try to make it so you don't feel that way. 

If he's still acting that way after you might need to think about yourself and your sanity. it sucks to hear but if they're acting like they don't care, its probably because they really don't. 


You deserve the world little one, don't accept anything less! Hope it all works out!

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My daddy is also not very open about talking about super deep feelings with me (yet).


But I like to always tell and reassure him that I am always there when/if he does want to talk about it

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It's nice and sweet of you wanting to help him. Your support must mean a lot to him especially when he's going through some hard time. Hmm it seems like he could be the type of person who wants to get through the hard time his tough way (?). Haha that's how i see it in some people. For me, I talk about it, I whine about it, I cry over stuff and actively find supports from family and friends. But some don't. So maybe it might not be him pushing you away but it's his way of dealing with his problems and he needs some alone time. Though you're doing your best to find ways to make him feel better, it could not be the best way FOR him. But it's my guess, and like all the others said above, it'd be the best to talk to him openly about what it is that he' thinking and how you feel about him acting this way.


Hope it goes well, and don't think too negatively because it might just be his way of dealing things!


(it sometimes happens to me with my best friend. She may be just grumpy for a week due to other reasons and whatever I do to help her, she gets grumpier and grumpier. Then I get hurt from her attitudes and words. I talk about it later when shes better, and find out that she didn't mean to be hurtful to me at all and she just needed some alone time to get over her problems.) Well, sometimes this is the case. But you neeeeeed to talk to him for suree!!!

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