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Favourite things your Daddy calls you?


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I absolutely love it when my daddy calls me "Princess" or "My little girl" <3 I always smile and blush hard because it just makes me so happy and makes me feel so loved.

What do you like your daddy calling you?

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My Daddy likes to get pretty creative with names! Usually he calls be Snugglebug but he also likes to call me wigglebutt (or stinkybutt if hes teasing me), honeybun, small fruit (he says this in a really funny voice and it always makes me giggle) and NattyBatty. And of course the usual things like baby and princess.

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Guest littlemissbri

I don't have a daddy but I have a few friends and a couple of family members who have interacted with my little side and my favorite names are...

Little One
Little Fox
Little Girl
Little Lamb

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My daddy calls ms princess all the time, and I love it so much. He also sometimes calls me angel, or princess Melinda, and I love when he calls me anything like that. It makes me feel very special and loved.
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·space cadet




·fuzzy bunny

·little bum bum



·cutie pie

and my favorite....


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Daddy has called me little one since before I started exploring my little side, and it's still my favorite:)

I also love being called baby girl, angel (thought he doesn't use it very often), and pouty pants when I'm being pouty.

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Not Daddy related but a few years ago, there was this stranger who called me Baby Doll when I helped him with something. I liked it.  :p

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