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Learning to be fully little!

Little Rivas

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Guest WildBunny
So I'm in a similar area of learning a bit more about my little side as well. I have been into age play for quite some time but I only just recently realized I have a bit more of a "little/middle" personality to me as well. The way I started exploring my side at first was to just have some "little" time when it was just me so I didn't feel as pressured to "do things right". Maybe take some time when it's just you and do some little things that make you happy. That could be coloring, snuggling with a stuffie and watching a Disney movie, anything at all really. I found that this gave me time to go into a little space but not feel pressured or awkward because it was just me in the room. Maybe give this a try a few times and then when your bf is there you can take small steps so you both feel comfortable and not thrown in to everything all at once. For example maybe you can quietly play/color by his feet while he has some work to do on the computer so you have time to go into little space and then when he is done he can engage with you when he feels comfortable- it also might make him feel more confident in learning to be a Daddy if he starts some of your little and Daddy time. Hope some of this helps :-)
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