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Introduce Your Partner Help?


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Okay so I haven't seen a topic like this here and I reallyyyy need help. I've been thinking and testing out ddlg things, but mostly by myself. I'm really into things like kitten play, with the collars, tails, kitten nickname, etc. I call my boyfriend daddy, light punishments like spanking if I tease him, but that's about it. He called me kitten once and I get really excited when he does things a daddy dom would do, but I don't know if he's actually into ddlg, and I'm pretty positive he would think I'm a freak that's into beastiality if I just outright told him I think dressing up as a kitten is sexy and fun. We're long distance, for a year and a month. The most 'hardcore' thing we decided on is handcuffs and spanking. How do I get his opinion on it without telling him mine? Or hinting that I'm interested. If I told him that's what I wanted I know for sure he would do it in a heartbeat, but I want to make sure he like it just as much as I do, ya know? 

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