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being a Little while still living at home with parents. HELP!


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Okay, so Im 18 and still live with my mom and step father. ( im a senior in highschool) 

When Ever i feel like im slipping into little space I hide in my room, but its still hard. I dont get much stuff. I dont have any pacis ( though I realllyyy want one) or sippy cups. I usually just try to stay in my room, but its hard. I dont have a daddy or caregiver anymore. Any tips?

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Guest DumbosBaby



I know what that's like!

I am currently living with my family too, and brothers, and no longer have a D/CG anymore either.

So for me, when I enter little space, I just go into my room, turn on cartoons, snuggle some stuffies, color, and find games to play on my laptop.

I like to make a snackie, or have snackies in my room ready to go, and I like to be able to have my blankies with me, and some juice c:


Hopefully this gave you some things to do c: just little ideas, my best advice would be to find some stuffies, coloring books, or have colors and doodle books at the ready in your room c:


Hope this helped a little bit c:

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