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Hi, I've been looking at the posts here for a while but recently I've been having some problems. I feel like I'm way too angry to be a little. When I'm in littlespace I'm very sweet, loving, and happy. But when Daddy does something (without meaning to of course) that makes little me sad I shut down and immediately come out of littlespace angry. When I'm angry I get very nasty; half of everthing I say is cussing and I always end up telling him that he's a bad daddy and I won't let it go even if he's recognized and apologized for whatever made me upset. And as a result he gets very angry with me and kind of comes out of his "Daddy" state I guess, and we get in a very bad argument until big me goes from raging to crying, then I slip back into littlespace and we make up. But this happens so often that I feel like there's something wrong with me. And Daddy is rarley ever legitmately doing anything wrong. Something like him not finding something as funny as I do will set me off. I'm not sure what I'm looking for here, I guess I'm asking if this makes me a horrible little, or if anyone can give me any advice to make these situations better. Edited by Kittenbec
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