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St. Patrick's Day!!

Guest Daddy's☆treasure

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Guest Daddy's☆treasure




Hi all! It's St. Patrick's Day for some today and others it's soon to be! So, I thought I would do a little St. Patrick's Day post!


Here's a decoration I made for the day. It's really simple just get a packet of streamers in all kinds of different colours, cut them to your desired length, and then attach them to the wall or hanging from the window in the order of the colours of the rainbow!




Anybody who likes origami I have been making these four leaf clovers all day (sorry for the bad colour in the photo)! lol.




Here's the link for anybody who wants to make some! :)




Also here's a recipe for some Guinness cupcakes (don't worry if you aren't crazy about Guinness, it just makes a nice less sweet kind of cup cake)! I didn't make any this year, but I did last year and they were yum! Of course you could just make standard cupcakes and decorate them lovingly with either green coloured icing (or mint flavored!), green sprinkles or both!




Other ideas from me with recipes are potato wedges with melted cheese, bacon bits and sour cream (I'm having this tonight - yum!), mint slice (for the fact that it's green lol) or you could make a Bailey's Irish cream chocolate mousse simply by adding Bailey's to the mix or topping it with whipped cream flavored with Bailey's!


Also, what's St.Patrick's Day without the Good Luck CareBear?




So, now I would like to hear from you! What do you like to do to get creative on the day?


Finally, have a great day! Get creative, get your green on and have fun!!







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Guest Daddy's☆treasure

Great post, love! Those are some really great ideas, and I really love the streamers! ;)

Awww. Thank you Daddy! I'm glad you like the streamers! :) <3


I dressed up at work today!!! It was so fun. Everyone thought I looked adorable.

That's great Bean! What was your outfit like?

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