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How to talk about this with Sir?


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I have the same name on Reddit so if you've seen my posts, you know what is happening and if you haven't, now you will.


Sir and I are new. To each other and D/LG. He is very new to D and I'm not so new to it. He caught on quite quickly though and I was a delighted little Little. He called me his Princess and I was stoked.


Last Saturday, we had our first ever scene. My real first and his too. It was wonderful. We kissed and cuddled and he tied me up and spanked me. A lot of spankings. With a paddle we bought. With his hands. With his belt. 


I was in Little heaven. We did a bit of aftercare but not much because his friends were flying in and he had to get them. 


I texted him after and asked if we'd be able to talk even though he'd be busy two weeks. He said probably.

Next day, nothing. Okay. Monday comes and I ask if we're okay and he says yes but he'll be busy.


Silence until Friday. I finally say in frustration I want my paddle back (I left it at his place). I had been telling him all week that I needed to talk to him. I was barely sleeping, fighting loneliness, having a rough week at work. He says he doesn't know when he can return it and that he was sorry he was busy.


I have messaged him since saying I was needy because I think I was going through drop (I really do because now I don't feel like I did previously). I wasn't aware of self-care aftercare either. He hasn't said anything in reply. I'm hoping that when he is not busy, that he'll talk to me. But I don't know what to say.


I'm angry sort of. That he said we'd be able to talk (a few times) and then he doesn't. I feel conflicted because I desperately needed him and he wasn't there. 


I understand we're new, but I just needed some sort of attention. I wasn't seeking much. Just a text or two.



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Not sure what advice to give sending hugs! I'm a needy little, I think all littles are sometimes, so I think Daddies expect that.

Since males and females process feelings differently, and it was the first time for both of you, maybe he's taking time to sort out his feelings about it. I've read that sometimes a new DD needs time to get use to giving spankings because many were raised to always be gentle with girls, and they may feel some kind of guilt or something afterwards. Not sure if I'm making any sense, but if you need a lil friend to listen I'm here. Hopefully you will get to talk to him soon.

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I also explained Littles are needy and he did some research on Reddit so he had to have seen that part. We'll find out at the end of the week when his family returns home. I hope we work things out.

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