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Butterfly's Adventure into Self-Discovery! (AKA: Help?)


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Hello everyone! ^^;; I'm Butterfly but you can call me Bee. (She/her pronouns).  I've joined the forum very recently and it seems a very nice place! 


I'm hoping maybe I can get some help here in trying to get my foot in the door of the whole little thing. x.x 


My Master has finally agreed to try it but we seem to have a sort of... difference of opinion regarding what it actually is? 


To me, from the moment I found out about DD/lg it just felt like coming home. Like naming a deep part of me that I had never found a name for before and that I thought was unacceptable. It feels like an innate, natural things that I just am 24/7. Due to some past issues I have repressed it pretty severely until recently. 


But my Master would not want to do it ALL the time and thinks I need more exposure. I follow some tumblrs and knew a couple of people who did it 24/7. 


So right now I am looking for some more perspective I guess. I am looking to find some lifestyle blogs/online diaries/articles/friends/mentors/conversation/advice from people who only do DD/lg part of the time. 


I hope that's clear, I hope this is a good place to post this, and I hope to hear from some of you awesome people soon! 


Thank you for reading! 



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Thank you! I can see that it's much more common than I thought. I think I'm especially surprised and relieved to see a few people commenting that it was the Big's decision to not do it 24/7 because that's something I was a little worried about. 


And yeah I am very familiar with being little on my own so I don't necessarily need Him around to do it. But I still can't be 24/7 because He still wants to be able to interact with me in not-little context. 


I'm thinking that for me personally my challenges are going to be primarily, learning how to turn it off and get into big headspace when I need to and secondarily, finding the right amount of time that works for us both so that I'm not frustrated by trying to be big too much and he isn't overwhelmed with me being little too much. 


Because I'm newer to actually indulging it and NOT repressing it, I kind of just feel like it all the time. Like my style of dress has gotten a lot of cuter and the way I act and talk has been tinged littleness and I like listening to little type music all the time etc etc. It's just kind of bleeding into everything in a way that would work great for a 24/7 little but not for me. I need to learn how to put it away and save it for when it's appropriate. x.x 

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Hi Tori!


Yeah that makes sense and isn't too far from my ideal. That I would always be a little and my partner would always be my "Daddy" and it would be 24/7 without him being there and present in "Daddy mode" like.. yeah I agree with all that. 


But my Master does not want that so that's why I'm looking into people who don't do it 24/7 and looking for like... idk... tips for how to turn it off I guess? Advice for getting out of the headspace? 


I don't even know if it's possible. Like I said in my original post it just feels like something that I -am- and unless I go back to repressing it, it's going to bleed into everything a bit. But I'm at least trying... 

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Hi Butterfly! Maybe if you have specific set aside little time, even if it's just a couple of hours a week that might be helpful. if he is your master, does that mean you are currently in more of a traditional slave role? You need to think about how being little would fundamentally alter that dynamic and maybe look at some ways that your current responsibilities could be "little-fied" like making Daddy pancakes in bed with snuggles instead of serving master his breakfast at the table (I don't know about your relationship obviously so this is just an example.) If you have rules as a slave I don't understand why he can't add in a sticker chart and maybe read you a bedtime story sometimes? Also, I noticed you live in Boston, I do to! (And so does Daddy) if you'd like to add me as a friend we can chat more and maybe become friends! Having little friends is sooo great!
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Hi princess! ^.^ Yuh I'm currently more of a slave. I really like your examples! I will probably bring it up to Him and see what He thinks. That's so cool that we live so close together! I would love love love to be friends! I will send a request now. 


And as for setting aside time specifically for littleness - I sort of do that on my own? I mean.. I guess not really. I kind of just sort of do it all the time to varying degrees. xD In my defense it's not like A LOT would change for our dynamic. I've always been super cutesy and not grown up and He has always been super taking care of me and telling me I am not an adult. 


It just hasn't been specifically dd/lg or childlike it was more of a personality quirk. 


Also we are long distance. (He is in Oklahoma) 


Also now I want pancakes. Thanks a lot princess. -.- lol 



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First of all those pancakes look DELICIOUS! I wish they made something like that at ihop. :p Although I bet my Daddy would not like dealing with me whining about how much my tummy hurt afterwards ;) 


I don't know to me it seems like what you're saying is exactly correct, you are already little with your master. I had a situation like that in the past before I ever knew that littlespace was a thing and honestly I think it all works better and everyone is happier when you are actively talking about what is already there. Those labels do matter bc they help us understand each others needs and give us defined roles. 


Maybe when you skype with your master he could meet your stuffy! (if you have one) I think it's just little bits to start, baby steps!


Also, I accepted your friend request. YAY FRIENDS!

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