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Rules needed

Guest ScarletBlue

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Guest ScarletBlue

Hello people


I need help. I am making a list of rules for myself. It's just mainly to remind myself to take better care of myself. And the most important rules is to talk to someone when I'm getting depressed. I do not have a daddy to take care of me yet. So I need to do it.


Please help

And i also need punishment for when I break or don't keep the rules.


Please and thank you.

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Guest littlestar22

My Daddy and I are in a long distance relationship due to work/school, so I often times have to be 100% honest about following through with punishments because my Daddy can't physically punish me. You could put yourself on time out or corner time. Or you could take away the privilege of being able to have "special" time with yourself. It must be hard to be disciplined without a daddy, but I know you can do it! Some other rules could be about eating right and exercising, especially if you're struggling with depression. You could give yourself awards too, like a gold star for having a healthy meal and if you get 5 gold stars, you get to watch your favorite disney movie!


Just some ideas, hope these help :)

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I don't know if it is still around but you could look for a program called "EZCP" I believe you can modify it to fit what you need but it had three categories: Home, School, Social, with varied disciplines. You might be able to use that if you needed something on the discipline end and it kept track of how many times you were disciplined, and if it was a recurring crimes...


other rules you might consider...


1. For every bad thing you think about yourself find two good things - every day.

2. No cussing/cursing

3. Healthy Foods

4. Water, Water, Water

5. A journal or diary to be kept daily



Just some ideas

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Guest ScarletBlue

Thank you all for the advice. I really like the gold starn idea that Guest said. When i get 5 golden stars i watch my favorite disney movie. thats a good reward. I love how all of youn said no cussing. ( i only really cuss when im super mad).


Thank you Warroir prinecess i'll have to check to see if i can use that program you were talking about. that should be very helpful.


Thank you Queenie writing lines is a great punisment ( i use to have to that for school and i hate it).

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