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What do you like the most about your daddy?


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So I just woke up in a very good mood because Daddy left a bunch of sweet messages for me ❤

It got me thinking about every little thing I love about him, and I thought about listing them here and asking you what you like about your daddies c: Just like a big daddy appreciation post ❤ Here's a couple of things I love about mine c:


❥ The pitch in his voice gets super sweet when he's cuddling me~

❥ He compliments me way more than I deserve it ;-; All while being so awesome himself ❤

❥ He protects me and makes me feel safe no matter what ❤

❥ He's so damn talented at everything he likes, it makes me fangirl all over him ;-;

❥ Just looking at him makes me melt, he's so much more handsome than he admits ❤ And he looks so strong and able to take over for me ❤


Imma stop here because I may end up ranting too much ❤ I love you Daddy ❤

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Guest Lovesdaddy1972

The sound of his voice, the smell/feel of his skin, his strength - not just physical but in all aspects, his smile that reaches all the way to his amazingly blue eyes, the way he takes care of me overall and allowing me to take care of him too, I appreciate how hard he works.


Ok I'm done swooning for now...someone else's turn! <3

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I love his smile, his thick wavy red hair, his strong hands, I love his sweet calming voice. I love his eyes and the way he smiles at me, and the way he holds me. I love how he rubs my back and tells me bedtime stories and helps me put my backpack on. He's so smart and passionate about the things he likes, and the way he tucked me in at night and carried me to bed when we went skiing. I love the way he loves me and the privilege to love him back. 

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Guest Daddy's☆treasure

I love my Daddy for his uniqueness. He is one of a kind.


I love how sweet and thoughtful he is and how he thinks of everything, every little detail.

I love how how he checks in on me when I'm not feeling well and how he does all he can to make me feel better.

I love how nurturing he is and how he guides me and teaches me.

I love how romantic he is and how he makes me feel all the love in the world.

I love how he knows me so well, understands me and makes me feel comfortable knowing that I don't have to be anybody else but me.

I love how he listens to me and how he always holds my thoughts and feelings in high regard.

I love the cute messages he leaves me and how warm and fuzzy they make me feel when I read them.

I love how smart he is and how informative his posts are on here and how he does his best to contribute to the community.

I love that he is a very special kind of Daddy, my special Daddy (its a secret tee hee).

I love how much he does for everybody around him and how caring he is.

I love how funny he is and how he makes me laugh even if I'm not feeling too good.

I love how creative he is and how talented he is.

I love how much FUN he can be! :D

We are long distance right now, so actual cuddles can't be had until we're together for good BUT... when he gives me virtual cuddles and snuggles I can feel the warmth of his embrace and all the loves just as if he were here with me.


He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I don't know if you believe in true love or magic... but if you combine the two, that's our couple. He showers me with love. care and affection all day every day. He keeps me safe and protected, always. He is my light in the dark, he is my one true love and I couldn't ever imagine my life without him.


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I love pretty much everything about my Daddy...  :wub:  But here are some of the top things..


❥ He cares for me in so many ways and he's so good at showing it

❥ He is so funny

❥ He's nurturing

❥ He loves helping me evolve and become an even better person

❥ He's so patient and loving

❥ He pampers me

❥ He helps me work through my emotional messes

❥ He NEVER walks away... he knows my huge fear of him leaving and abandonment and he ALWAYS makes sure that *I* know he's not going anywhere

❥ He believes in me

❥ He's artistic and dabbles in so many artsy things from painting to music to filming and more!

❥ He's a Renaissance man!

❥ He loves watching movies like me

❥ He loves listening to music

❥ He loves my stuffies


 There are so many more things trust me... but I don't wanna go on and on LOL

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I love his handsome smile

I love his cute laugh

I love how caring he is

I love how helpful he is

I love that he's silly with me

I love how patient he is (especially with me)

I love how kind he is

I love that he loves gaming lots

I love that he's a hard worker

I love how smart he is

I love he takes care of me

I love his voice

I love when he tucks me in for night night

I love when he does sweet things for me


I could keep going but then the list would keep going on and on ❤

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His voice!!!! I love his voice and the way he whispers in my ear and breathes heavy when he's holding me. I also love when he covers my neck and shoulders with tiny kisses.
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Guest aphroditelaughs

His eyes

His way of making me feel small with a glance

Our nonverbal communication

His sense of humor

His empathy and kindness toward other people

His seemingly endless patience


Less of a daddy appreciation and more general, but the fact that he walks to work in all weather to put food on our table and keep the heat on.

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The way He looks at me

His smile

How much of a gentleman He is

How he walks/carries Himself

His commitment to health and fitness (both His own and mine)

His silly sense of humour

His patience and understanding towards me

How affectionate He is

His natural dominance

How He drives so safely and with assurance

Confidence without arrogance

How rugged and handsome He is

His gorgeous legs, leading down to those feet that i crave to lay at

How He allows me the freedom to be myself

The way He leads me through shops, across roads etc, by putting His hand behind for me to hold on to

His intelligence

How much He guides me and helps me understand things

The power and control He easily has over me, and how He would never abuse it

His manner/character/personality/morals.......etc etc etc

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Guest infinitecases

There's so many things I like about my Daddy  :wub:

His voice, because it's all nice and assertive  :p or his soft voice hehe

How he checks up on me if I've had a bad day or if I was feeling bad

How he calms me down when I'm anxious

How he teaches me new things and explains things to me

How he looks because my Daddy is super handsome huehue  :wub:

How he knows what I'm thinking or what I'm going to say even before I've said it

I like the fact that my Daddy is very smart... or the fact that my Daddy is super strong  :D

I also like the fact that Daddy has the hobbies he does because they make seem even more handsome hehe

I like how my Daddy knows how to take care of me 

How he gets angry and annoyed when people are mean to me

How he makes time for me even though he's really busy


I'll stop for nows hehe  :wub:

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I like how safe my Daddy makes me feel , how when I am in His arms I am home. I like how his smile reaches His eyes when He is super happy. I like how He says my name. I like how cute cute cute He is. I like how He looks at me and smiles . I like how I wouldn't want to ever have anyone else as my Daddy. He is amazing :)
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i love how he calls me his princess, his little girl.


he accepts me when im little and im big.


he lets me suck his thumb when it’s time to sleep.


he’ll kiss my stuffies goodnight too!

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I love papa's gentleness.

I love his goodness.

I love how cuddly he is.

I love his fuzzy beard.

I love that feeling when I cuddle on his lap and fall asleep, and I feel him petting my hair and cheek and loving on me, and like nuzzling me with his chin and all that.

I love how if I'm scared for any reason, all I have to do is tell him, and instantly anything we were doing stops and he just holds me until I'm okay, even if that means he's really excited and he doesn't wind up being able to take care of himself.

Whenever I get really upset and start apologizing for everything, he loves me, and holds me, and tells me repeatedly that it's okay and he's not upset or anything.

I love his laugh.

I love his hair.

I love how he lets me bury my face in his chest and just snuggle up with him.

I love how we watch cartoons together.

Papa is the best.

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