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In Person to Long Distance - Help!

Guest ♥ Lee ♥

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Guest ♥ Lee ♥

My Daddy and I have been dating for almost a year. He will be moving almost 700 miles away from me in 3 days. I don't when or if I'll ever see him again. I can barely stand going 2 weeks with without seeing him. 


Is there anyone who's been in this situation? Is there anyone who has any advice on how to adjust? Should I expect to hear from him a lot less? Should I even try?


I've been so depressed all week. I keep crying. All I want to do is superglue myself to him so I have to go with him.

I just don't know if I can make it through this transition. 


I just need help.


*I know there are already some topics about LDRs but there was none like my situation that I could find, sorry if there was*

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I've never experienced any sort of long distance relationship... But I see from your profile that you will be finished high school this year. I don't know how strong or deep your relationship is (maybe I'm just old lol but at 18 a year doesn't seem very long) but have you thought about moving to be with him when your finished school?


There's probably some sort of post secondary school around if that's what your looking to do... Or jobs available where he's moving so you two can live together and you can contribute.


If this is an option for you then you don't have to wait too long. If your relationship is strong enough nothing will change until you can be together again.

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