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Found a Nifty Plugin For Littles and their Mommy/Daddy's!

Little Kat

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So! If you (as a Little) and your Mommy/Daddy have Netflix, try using a Google Chrome app called: Netflix Party


It allows you and whoever you want to watch movies with, use a movie/TV Series on Netflix and watch it in sync. :D Which is always nice. 


I figured I'd share that. I'm sure there's Littles, Mommies, and Daddies, that have Netflix and want to watch Netflix together. ^^ 


<3 Little Kat



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Yus thank you Little Kat. My daddy and I used to watch netflix together all the time yet due to certian issues in our life we had to leave each others side. I had to go back to my home town with out him and its been really hard on both of us so this will ease the pain so I thank you for the bottom of my heart
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