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Pregnancy has kicked me rich out of my little space


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Hey everyone!


I recently found out that my daddy and I are expecting a precious baby, back in January of this year. Both of us couldn't be any more excited, and I'm already 19 weeks in with a beautiful baby girl. My pregnancy however has kind of kicked me right out of my little space... I can't even remember the last time i really got into it...

More than anything id love some advice to help get me back in that space, because though this pregnancy has brought daddy and I close, there's nothing like the bond we share when I'm in my space. Any help?


Thanks so much everyone :)

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I think its normal to find it harder to get into little space as your body changes and your hormones are all out of whack. When I was pregnant I experienced something similar and for a time after my daughter was born as well (it's hard to feel little when your breast feeding ALL day!)


Some things you can try are going shopping with your Daddy for baby things, being in stores that cater to babies and children may help you to feel little again. And while your picking things out for your daughter get something for yourself as well.


Remember to let your Daddy spoil you with all the love and affection he usually does, and remember that its probably not just you who is feeling a bit different.


I used to let my Daddy read me stories while he rubbed my big prego belly. Which helped us to stay in our CG/l roles as well as bond and accept that there would be a new little person in our lives.


Just relax and know its ok of your not feeling so little right now. Lots of CG/l couples have children and most have probably gone through something similar.there's a lot going on in your lives and your body but the little space will come back, and if you set some time aside to continue enjoying some little activities alone or with your partner it will help you hold onto that relationship dynamic. It may not feel exactly the same BUT DONT WORRY! lol its absolutely normal.


Hope this helps and congratulations :)

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I don't know about how to get back to your little space while pregnant. But it's okay. It's ok to not feel little when you just...don't. Especially when pregnant, it totally whacks your hormones all up. I guess the best advice I can think of is to relax and let yourself feel how you feel and let your Daddy take care of you. Being pregnant takes a lot of energy.
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