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Warrior Tips!!!!


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I'm sure some of you have seen me in the chat prattling on with my Warrior Tips. So I figured I'd put em here incase anyone forgets them! They are helpful, unhelpful, funny and random.



Warrior Tip #1: Always clean the toilet

Warrior Tip #2: Never let a little near your laptop with the history open.

Warrior Tip #3: If you find a hill that is too steep to climb.....force someone to drag you up it!

Warrior Tip #4: If there is Lego on the ground, pray you get through it unharmed.

Warrior Tip #5: If asked if you're mad, just say 'I ate an orange so I'm K'

Warrior Tip #6:.......come back later for more

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And here's a few more!

Warrior Tip #6: Always turn left when you don't know where to go.

Warrior Tip #7: always go right when left is a bad idea.

Warrior Tip #8: Never go half and half with a cheetah....they never pay up.

Warrior Tip #9: If life gives you lemons, you take all the juice, put them in a watergun and shoot at life with it!

Warrior Tip #10: When someone says you're ugly, knock them out and leave a note saying 'at least I can take a punch!'

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Warrior Tip #11: when push comes to shove, shove it back and stick some dynamite up its ass!

Warrior Tip #12: Never ask a tall person how's the weather up there. They are tall enough to grab you.

Warrior Tip #13: Always ask for directions. Pride is useless if you need to be somewhere.

Warrior Tip #14: When in doubt, call for help.

Warrior Tip #15: Never let a monkey drive your car.....unless you've got monkey insurance.

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Warrior Tip #16: Always pay your bills.

Warrior Tip #17: Never read the Terms and Conditions, that's for smart people!

Warrior Tip #18: Always read the Terms and Conditions, dumb people don't!

Warrior Tip #19: Don't look at the sun. It will blind you.

Warrior Tip #20: Always look both ways before crossing the street. Unless you're drunk then just walk out with no worries.

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I'm back!

With Tips!


Warrior Tip #21: If at first you don't succeed.....just give up and sponge of off someone else.

Warrior Tip #22: Never tell a PC Gamer that you play on console....if you do, wear earbuds or listen to music. You'll thank me later.

Warrior Tip #23: When a little asks why your in the backyard digging a hole and covered in red stuff....tell her the discriminating couple from next door wont bother her anymore....

Warrior Tip #24: If your boss fires you, punch 'em. They can't do shit anymore! xD

Warrior Tip: 25: If a bear comes up to you, do NOT bear hug it!

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