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Guest littleneedsDaddy

Daddy likes me to cook and clean and those things but when I'm little I want him to cook me little foods.

What does your daddy/care giver/mommy make for you?

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My Daddy cooks for me most of the time, but I also cook for him when the meal's a bit more complicated. ♥

We live together, and since we're both really bad at doing real adult stuff, we separated chores between the both of us:

Daddy has to : wash the dishes, take out the trash whenever our roommate can't do it, run weekly/daily errands since I have a trouble getting out of the house, make a small meal in the evening, keep things clean.
I have to : clean our cat's litter box, do the laundry, clean the bathroom and toilet once every other week, clean our roommate's dog's accidents, wash our bed sheets once every other week, keep things clean.


Aaah and also, Daddy always brings me a cup of tea just before bed time ~ ♥


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