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What to do after break up?


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So I am needing some advice. 


My daddy/ Dom/ boyfriend/best friend and I just broke up last night. He initiated it but I had been thinking about it as well. We love each other and have a lot in common, but there are some things we are so incompatible on and it just had to end.


It still hurts so so much though. We are remaining friends, and that is already proving emotionally hard. 


Anyways so I am wondering what to do with the stuffed animals he gave me? I am thinking of keeping them...but at the same time it hurts so much. Thoughts?


Also any ideas for self care?


I just feel so sad and hurt and I am also graduating college soon, so it feels like my whole world is changing. Sorry for rambling. Thanks for reading. 

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I recently went through a breakup myself. Actually, I feel like my whole world is changing too, though for different reasons than for you. I know how hard it is though.


Take lots of time for yourself, so that you can do everything that makes you happy. Watch your favorite shows, listen to your favorite music, eat your favorite foods -- even the things Daddy didn't usually let you eat.


I always return, throw out, or delete all pictures of a girl when I break up with her. Stuffies are different though. I'd say either give them to someone else who will love them, or put them in a box where you won't see them for several months until you know you're over him.


Actually, that's probably a good idea for what to do with him too. I think you're right to be friends with him, but I also think you're not ready for that yet. Put him in a box for a few months and take him out when you are ready -- not literally, of course, but let him know that you need some space for now.

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I agree about giving you two some time apart.  I think it would help you heal, and make it much more possible to stay friends. 


As for self care, take some time to get in touch with yourself, and maybe try something that you normally wouldn't.  You might just be surprised. 


Feel free to come here and ramble, any time, support is one of the main reason the forums are here. 

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Guest Gentle.Bear.Spirit

Take the stuffies over to a local hospital pediatric ward or to a homeless shelter. They will get a good home, you will feel good about doing the action, and it will help you move on knowing that what is painful to you is giving others joy.

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