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How do I open up to a new daddy?


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My first and only daddy and I broke up a while ago after about two years of being together.He was who I was with when I started embracing my little side and he is the only person who knows about my little side. I'm really scared to open up about it to someone new and not even sure how to go about it. Please help!
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Guest Mr TwitchPool

Opening up to anyone about anything is hard.


you can use phrases such as, "you are in touch with your inner child",


I am a big but hey, I love to do little things with littles but then I am also a bit crazy.


Relationships develop, if you meet someone and like them and they are not aware of the ddlg community introduce them.  IOf someone loves you for you then they will accept who you are, however like most things, it takes time.


I am sure when you feel more confident in yourself you will be more happy to express this side of you to others but again with caution, not everyone will get it, haters will always hate, but these people are not worth your time.


Good luck

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