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Ways to surprise Daddy


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My Daddy and I are in a long distance situation at the moment, and I'm having a hard time thinking of ways to still surprise him and give him presents that don't require us to be together in person. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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ooo i read a post and someone answered a similar question. ill try to find it. 

but theres online coloring pages, puzzles, uhmm if you skype you can dress up for him. there might be something you can send him? a gift or something, a card. a picture you made? it doesn't have to be something new, im sure your daddy will love the 100th coloring page you make him as much as the first. also! you could try storing up on gifts and saving them until you do get to see him and give him like 1000 presents all at once. it'll be like christmas!

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Stories, songs, and poems work well too. They're some of my favorite gifts, because they don't take up any space, so I can always have them with me.

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