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Daddy's Birthday ?


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Hello hello ! c:

My Daddy's birthday's coming up, and I still have no idea what to do for him. We live together so there are plenty of possibilities, but we're also veeeery low on cash so it needs to be $10 worth at the worst. I thought about writing a story, drawing something; that kind of stuff, but I'd be interested in hearing other littles' ideas ~ 

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Maybe a surprise picnic at the park. Once when I was broke, I made a bouquet of flowers from colored paper napkins and used colored straws for stems, then put them in a vase. He loved them because I made them. Recently I made a msg board for my Daddy's computer work space in his garage. I got the board for $6 at Walmart, and the other stuff (paint, glue, chalk, letters, etc.) I already had at home. 

IMG 9416


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