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Getting Scared


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so I thought I was adjusting well to how my identity has changed over time.


I'm a submissive babygirl and a middle with mini-masochistic tendencies.


well it was funny, i was sitting at the kidz table with a cousin because there just wasn't enough room at a family dinner.




so one of my cousins dad said that I look like i'm intuned to my child side or something like that.


he was teasing me that I'd like to shop at Toys R us. lol


but it was kind of scary because no one has picked up on my middleness or whatever.


I play with my kidz and they can't tell. And I try to hide it because I don't have a loved one that can accept it right now.


and it just kind of scary that someone picked up on it. no matter how subtle.


does your middle/little identity ever sometimes scare you?



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It can be for me. I don't know about scare, but that just might be the word for it.

The world looks different from this angle.


I think hiding a part of yourself can be very exhausting sometimes, but that's just what we have to do in certain situations.


And if it's for long periods, it can be depressing. So I hope you find someone you can be your true self with soon.


I think that's adorable that someone picked up on your inner middle. ( :

It's nothing to be ashamed of.


At the same time, it's hard for some people to understand.

So Yes, I think it can be scary.


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Guest a1b2c3

Maybe I'm more scared when people pick on me than scared by little side or thing like that.

But I often get scared of everything, so I can't really tell. :D

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lol. my husband would say I'm afraid of my own shadow lol


yeah its scary. because i try to hide it so well, so when someone picks up that i'm submissive or a middle, its kind of inner bubble bursting and scary at the same time.


i'm still adjusting to it.

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