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Abandoned by Mommy update


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That link is to the original topic from November of 2015 and this is an update to that topic.


I found out yesterday afternoon (from a dear friend who shall remain nameless to protect her good name) that my Mommy who abandoned me in May of last year was in fact cheating on me at the time.  This has hit me like a ton of bricks and dealt my self-confidence such a severe blow that I'm ready to give up altogether.  I cannot handle a third visit to Homewood... and neither can my parents, it would kill my Mother.  


And the fact that back in November, this Mommy sent me an email wishing to get back together hurts even more because it also means that she was ready to cheat on my friend too.  She even set up a profile here which made me think that she was genuinely sorry about abandoning me and truly wanted us to reconnect.  Now I see that she was just using me and I'm was no more than an easy online sex object.


My point?  If you are ever contacted by Sarah G... turn and run the other way as fast as you can.

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Guest MontBlanc

Sorry to hear of your heart break.  Being cheated on is never a fun experience - and it conjures up all kinds of emotions.  Nevertheless, being cheated on is very rarely a reflection on you as a person but rather on the cheater.  Easier said than done, but chin up.  Time heals these wounds, i know from experience.    Happened to me when I was younger and with the passage of time I don't regret the experience - it was an experience that was worthwhile having when i was younger (although certainly not fun at the time).

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Guest AmberDoll

I'm so mad this happened it really upsets me that people can cheat and feel like it's nothing, it's so cowardly it's pathetic.

I hate that this happened to you I know your probably the farthest thing from okay right now with someone like that trying to get back into your life but

remember that your the higher one in this situation she's the one making herself look like a clown trying to come back into your life again she's the one with the issues causing her to hurt other peoples feelings with out care, just remember that your stronger then this messed up situation she has put you threw and you have beat worse times then this you are fierce wise and strong this is just a hiccup on your road of happiness don't let this bring you down after you have come this far love. I'm sending nothing but good vibes your way! Your a warrior and I know you will kick this.

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