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Days without daddy- a diary


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April update-

So a new suicide squad trailer came out and I just can't help but think of David whenever I see the joker in that because he was my joker. Literally, his last name began with J, he was as crazy and spontaneous as him but not too out there. But some of the things he never did was after a certain point, he told me to call him sir and not daddy, it wasn't his thing, but he never did refer to himself as daddy or call me cute names like the joker does to Harley. If he really was the joker, he would have been able to find a balance between making me happy and making him happy. At the end of the day it was always about me attending to his needs. He would call me his set of holes which I doubt no girl in their right mind would want to be called. I mean I'm all for dirty talk but when that becomes his go to phrase for me it kinda gets old. I was afraid to say no to him, because he would say I didn't have the right "slave mindset" there are different versions of slaves, idiot. And if I'm not yours, I hope you find a very stupid girl to manipulate into being with you. You already manipulated one- your own best friend. She obviously can't see the diffence between you and an abuser. Which is what you truly are.

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