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New Daddy seeking suggestions from experienced on properly caring for my Baby Girl


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I tried searching through older posts and did not see anything addressing this in particular. I have a sweet Baby Girl who has been very clear that she wants me to be her Daddy. We have been together now for three years and this is a role that for the most part was just part of bedroom play... Me, being fascinated with, but also very inexperienced in BDSM, thought at first when my Baby Girl began calling me Daddy that it was just a role play and spanking was brought into it, but more just in a playful manner.

It wasn't until a few weeks ago that a pin on Pinterest caught my eye. It was from another ddlg site and it talked about how a Daddy's role went well beyond the bedroom. I followed the pin on to the web site and read a wonderfully detailed post explaining the role of Dom/Sub and then how a Daddy's role goes well above. It's about caring for her, taking stresses from her and supporting her...all things which I actively do. I am very dominate by nature, but for the most part, my Baby Girl is generally so submissive I rarely have to do more than gaze at her if she tries something I don't care for.

Nevertheless I would like to deepen our experience. I need advice/suggestions of places to go on types of rules to set, chores,etc... All of this side is very new to me, but I know that my Baby Girl will be very appreciative as she has already expressed a great love and joy with me that I have shared her desires and been happy to be her Daddy. (I just had no idea how wonderful a gift I was accepting when I did). I only want to be the best Daddy I can possibly be for her. I want to be fair and caring, but I also do believe me moving deeper into the role she sees me as, her Daddy, will only help her appreciate our relationship that much more. Thank you for all who take the time to respond.

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Depending on what she likes, combinding bdsm and ddlg can be rather fun~
Pacifiers are great tools to help calm and literally pacify a little xD Try getting different kinds, not just cosmetic but different suctions as well, they make larger or flatter types which make it easier for bigger girls to use. They are also cheaply found at many stores and a great thing for littles to collect. Also a paci leash that clips onto a shirt/dress are good to get since mine generally lose them time from time >.>

If you are an otaku, shop at conventions for dresses as many big cons have great things to choose from. Lolita is what many littles I have been with love as birthday or christmas or whatnot gifts. Remember when you buy online, the quality is normally cheaply crafted, just looks nice :/

Sippy cup or bottle, depending on her preference need to be cleaned out regularly in the spring, cause ants x.x

Juice boxes for trips, sippy for home is what I normally do.
Grab some coloring books, some littles like the basic kinds, some like more artistic kinds and add more to it, either way grab a box of crayons and a few of these. They also make good homework tasks or give her something to do if you want to "watch the game" or play a match of whatever online.

If you havent have one already, Collar her. Petsmart has many martha stewart looking kinds, and many have a custom dog tag you can make for her, a cute nickname on front and something fun on the back as well :3 The collar to many acts like a ring in the bdsm world, but is also a good tool if she gets out of line to simply grab it to pull her close to meet that "gaze" of yours.

Lastly, the littles I have been with are about 50/50 on being padded. Some like full blown diapers, others more modest training pants. A good starter are goodnites if she wants to try wearing them, they are found anywhere and stretch to fit a wide range of sized girls, and to me are the cutest thing on the market. Also get baby powder other then Johnsons, just saying.


Every daddy differs on how they treat littles, so best to build your own personal style, nothing is set in stone. Good luck~

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Thank you so much for your response...I'm just going to keep researching. It's awesome there's a forum that's this helpful.
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