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dear daddys, what do you like your littles to wear? on a daily basis or when they dress up for you. what kinds of costumes or outfits or lingerie drives you wild?? me being a little i love lingerie thats sexy & innocent with lace, frills, bows, garters, ribbons and when it comes to outfits i love teenager ones like school girl and cheerleader. im looking for inspiration!
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I like gothic lolita type wear or plaid skirts/dresses. High socks are nice but high gloves are just as nice sometimes

Pigtails work well with the schoolgirl outfit and my favorite type of little is a padded one :3 Goodnites are the cute kinds and versatile as well discreet. They give off that frill look on the patterns aswell(even have a bow on the front) and surprisingly fit many larger sizes.

Simple face paint is also nice like a star or heart on a cheek.

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It's not all about underwear for me, but I'd say I especially like two kinds: intricate 'baby doll' or 'teddy' lingerie with frills and ribbons, but on the other hand also plain cotton undies and knee socks. Either way I prefer the outfit to give decent coverage and not give away too much.


I have a weakness for any hairstyle which exposes the neck, so a ponytail (high, tousled, braided) or pigtails always get me.


I also like silk dresses or simple skirts (not too short, just on the knee), and have a thing for big fluffy hats (with or without 'animal ears'). Probably my most idiosyncratic choice is a liking for white dungarees (worn with nothing underneath), which is probably a bit specific... I picked up that particular proclivity from a novel I read as a teenager :-)

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