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My Daddy has to Move Away


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So in September my daddy will have to move about 170 miles away and I'm not sure how to cope.


We've always stayed round the corner from each other, literally. Same town, same street. Whenever I'm sad, I can just go round and relax in his company, more or less whenever I want.


I know it's months away but I'm still terrified. I have no idea how I'll manage on my own without him being near me...


If I could get any advice on how to cope with a new long distance relationship with your daddy, that'd be really appreciated.


...thank you

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Guest cookie_crumble_princess

I don't have any real suggestions except to encourage you to talk to your daddy about it. I had a DD friend that wanted my stuffie. Don't ask why, but I offered to send it in the mail for him to keep for a couple weeks, then send her back.


It would be cool if you could get a build a  bear teddy or something and record some of your insecurities then he can listen and respond. So, you can have recording a him comforting in while you cuddle your stuffie.


You can set up lunch text or talk sessions with video. But, here's to hoping you work something else. 

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Oh no. I'm so sorry!


How long have you been together? Is relocating an option for you?


Long distance really isn't what it used to be, thanks to facetime, etc...

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